She now has proof I fancy Dougie – 1st December 1996

My Sunday 1st I’m only really writing in here because I’m waiting for my hamster to come out from under my bed.

Emma came here for a while today and saw the TS 4 JD in the front of this diary so she says she now has proof I fancy Dougie. I’m sure I’ve already told her that though.

We watched the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party on TV today. The Spice Girls won 2 awards, Boyzone won 3 but Ant and Dec (who were presenting it) didn’t win anything. Poor them. I like them. Never mind. See you!


December 1996 - balloon end

Abby’s Sunday 1st Hi, I forgot to say “white rabbits” this morning. Never mind.

Emma came round today. By the way I’ve got a new desk. Tess and Emma were reading my diary without telling me. [Er.. this is awkward. I’ve been accusing Abby of reading mine for a while now and denying ever having even touched hers.] Tess kept saying things about Rhys Matthews and Max Higginson. Never mind I’ll get her back soon enough.

Rhian [our cousin] has been ringing every day on the run. It’s cool.

Bye x

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