Lizzie thinks he fancies me – 29th & 30th November 1996

My Friday 29th Almost as soon as I got into our form room I was told to go down to our head of year’s office. As I went in the door there were about 8 other people in there too and one of the first I noticed was Dougie.

I had no idea why I was there until Mr M started congratulating us for the work we have done this year. All of us there had got 9 or more grade A for effort. I was pleased about that.

When Mr M said we could go I couldn’t get out of the room fast enough! I was on the edge of bursting out laughing at Dougie and the thought of what Lizzie had told me yesterday. [Again… Why?! HE SAID NOTHING OF INTEREST!]

The other thing Dougie did was tell another girl to sit down as soon as I came in. Lizzie thinks he fancies me now and Emma thinks he might but hopes he doesn’t. I think it’s pretty unlikely myself.

I mean, he doesn’t exactly pay much attention to me. Ok, maybe he’s done a few things like smiling at me a lot but I’m still not convinced.


Abby’s Friday 29th Hi, I went to Danielle and Vicky’s party tonight. It was from 7pm til 11pm. It was really good.

I didn’t dance or go with [snog] anyone unfortunately but Caitlin went with [snogged] Ben once and Mark twice and I think that’s it!

Other people went with other people (snogged other people) as well. Sadie went with Hugh Halton twice and Michael Todd twice. She has bad taste.

Alice also danced with Stephen Carroll.


Abby’s 30th November Hi, I’m nakkered from last night.

I haven’t got an advent calendar yet so I had better hurry up or it’ll be too late.

I went to the high school’s Christmas fayre. Suzanna, Emma and Zoe (who I can’t stand) were asking Bobby and George (the twins) out for Suzanna. They said no of course.

Stephen Carroll announced at the fayre that Marcus Eden fancies Evie. She was really embarrassed.

Bye x

[P.S. from 2014

I’m on holiday for the next fortnight and don’t know what the internet situation will be. It might be fine or diary posts might be a bit sparse. It’s not that my wish has come true and the ground has swallowed me up… unless something goes really wrong with Cornwall.

I’ll probably at least be Twittering away @TessIDST if technology allows.


M x]

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