I am really chuffed – 26th-28th November 1996

Abby’s Tuesday 26th Hi, I’m going to the Catalyst Museum tomorrow. Tess went last year and she said it was really good.

I walked home with Sadie, Evie, Alice and May today.

Bye x

Abby’s Wednesday 27th Hi, the Catalyst Museum was ok I suppose. A bit boring though. I bought some sticky stars that go on your ceiling. I had 12 but gave 2 to Tess for some reason.

Tess is was meant to be going with Freda to a Peter Andre concert but Freda is taking Emma instead. Freda has invited Tess to go and watch MUFC play in March. She’d better not. [Don’t be jel, Abs!]

Bye x

My Thursday 28th Nothing has really happened these past few days. Or today actually. My wallpaper is on and it looks really great!

What I am going to write about today is something Lizzie said about her conversation on the bus with Dougie yesterday (he wasn’t in school again today). I didn’t believe her at first until I asked Lucy who said it was true.

This is how Lizzie said their little talk went…

Dougie: (To Lucy and Lizzie) Are you two friends?
Lizzie: Sometimes but she gets a bit boring!
Lucy: I do not!
Dougie: Is Tess friends with her?
Lizzie: No, not usually. They get on but Tess thinks she’s boring too.
Dougie: Oh, she’s sensible then.

That’s Lizzie’s account anyway which I am really chuffed about and Emma’s really jealous of! [Why? Nothing happened!]

I hope he likes me but I don’t know why he would because he never really talks to me.

November 1996 - Yuck (general)

See you!

Abby’s Thursday 28th Hi, it’s exactly 6 months til my birthday on 28th May 1997.

We had Miss P today for tutor period. She is awful.

School was boring.

Bye x

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