She wouldn’t actually say anything, I hope – 25th November 1996

My Monday 25th Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, it’s just that nothing happened.

Today, Dougie wasn’t in school. I know because he gets on Lizzie’s bus and he wasn’t on it this morning. Also, Lucy saw his dad take his sister to school and Dougie wasn’t in the car with them. [Team stalking!] That is what you’ve always wanted to know, isn’t it? (NOT!)

November 1996 - Bus and car

I was on the phone to my cousin Rhian and we were talking (like you do) and she mentioned that she keeps getting love letters! I didn’t believe her so she got her mum, Auntie S, to tell me. She came on the phone and said, “How are you?… (blah, blah, blah) and, oh yeah, it is true Rhian’s been getting love letters.”

November 1996 - Red heart (general)

The other things Auntie S said were that Stuart B in Rhian’s class likes Abby. He’s 10! She also said she could fix me up with Alex from across the road if I like! She wouldn’t actually say anything, I hope.

I haven’t actually seen Alex from too close but I once went to get a scarf that Tom dropped from him. He’s about my age, tall and blonde. Next time we go, I’ll have to find out what football team he supports! MUFC or Rangers, I hope!

November 1996 - Football scarves


Abby’s Monday 25th Hi, it’s exactly 1 month til Christmas today. Excellent. I can’t wait til the holidays.

I did walk round the Sadie and Alice to school today. I had my sax. It’s really heavy.

Bye x

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