Geeks or gorgeous – 23rd November 1996

My Saturday 23rd I did go into town today. I got to Cat’s at about 10:30 am ready to catch the bus but we missed it.

On the bus we did get about half an hour later, there were loads of people we knew and didn’t like so it wasn’t a great journey. Plus I get travel sick on buses.

We met Lizzie, who had been waiting ages for us, outside the swimming baths where she trains and then walked to the town centre. We split up almost straight away. Emma, Cat and Lucy were doing boring Christmas shopping for their parents in Marks & Spencer so Lizzie and I went jewellery and nail varnish shopping. We went round Miss Selfridge, River Island, various market stalls and a cart with a man with a funny accent.

I ended up with green nail varnish and white [Why?!], lip balm, a packet of Monster Munch, a Taz and Poppets.

We went to MacDonald’s for lunch […a healthy day all round then.] and met up with the other 3. Ate up, went our separate ways again and wandered round.

Lizzie didn’t want to Christmas shop either. We just walked round talking. She said she had Damon and Amir from her swimming club wanting to see us all to see if we were geeks or gorgeous! [Geeks. Definitely geeks.]

Eventually we met up and got the bus back to Cat’s again. I now know where Ian Robertson, Harry Preston, Ewan Swann and Sinead Holt live because we passed their houses coming back from the bus stop.

We all insisted that Lucy was taken home first so I could see (for the 2nd time) Dougie’s house. It’s a nice house and suits him!

I’m going.


Abby’s Saturday 23rd Hi, Tess went shopping with her friends to town today. Wow. It’s a miracle. She bought 2 nail varnishes. A green and a white. She’s copied me with the white. [Whatevs. Buying white nail varnish will have been my own awful taste in action.] The green’s really nice though. They were 60p!

Bye x

Abby’s Sunday 24th Hi, we did nothing today. We had to stay at home because we were meant to be going to MFI to get Tess’s desk but we’re going to collect them all at once. It’s snowing a bit this weekend.

Bye x


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