I find it extremely difficult not to tell – 22nd November 1996

My Friday 22nd Well, nothing much has happened today. Emma told me that Freda fancies Calvin Cross. He’s this little brat who most people can’t stand but Freda isn’t most people. In fact, I haven’t yet decided if she’s human or not! Only joking.

You know when someone tells you something then tells you not to tell anyone? Whenever anybody says that to me I find it extremely difficult not to tell.

Anyway, Emma said that she thought that Charlie Wilson in 4th Year is nice. [This is far from the last you will hear of young Charlie.] He reminds me a bit of Dougie who I saw in his P.E. kit today!


November 1996 - Wellard Mallard

[I loved Dougie most and also Pallav and Ollie and Alex and probably about 10 others. I have no comment about Wellard. I just wish he wasn’t there, rhyming.]

Abby’s Friday 22nd Hi, Sadie and Evie decided to make friends with me again today. For some reason. Natasha told me yesterday that Sadie had decided to speak to me again. And then in History, Sadie told me she had decided to make friends.

It was Evie’s idea evidently because she was getting fed up with it. Wow. Sadie agreed though. Alice is friends with me as well now. They said I can walk round to school with them if I want.

Bye x

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