She’s waiting, just waiting – 21st November 1996

My Thursday 21st All my friends (well, some) – Lizzie, Lucy, Emma, Cat and that’s it – are going into town on Saturday to do Christmas shopping. Lizzie doesn’t want to Christmas shop though, she wants to get some black nail varnish. I want to get myself some green and I wouldn’t mind spending some of my birthday money so Lizzie said I could go with them.

I asked Lucy (who has organised it) and she said it was ok but Emma said that I hated shopping and I was only going so I wouldn’t be left out. Yes, ok, I don’t want to be left out but I’d be going anyway so I said I might as well go with them. I have said to Emma that I’m not keen on shopping but that was only when I didn’t want to trail round Bolton after her!

Next, Cat brought up that she didn’t want to wait for Lizzie to come out of swimming which caused more aggravation. “It was originally only 3 of us going for Christmas shopping so if you and Lizzie come you’ll see what we’re buying you!” That’s what Cat moaned. Now Lizzie and I have decided to get a lift with them and they can go Xmas shopping and we can go for nail polish.

After school, Dougie wasn’t there. Instead we were just sitting round doing nothing, not bothering him. Emma wrote a poem about Jade Hancock who keeps following her and Freda about. She put it in the school newspaper box so it could get printed. It’s like this:

Everywhere I go she’s always there,
Waiting, just waiting,
Outside Science, outside Maths,
She’s waiting, just waiting,
Maybe one day she’ll take a hint,

Also she was talking to Harry Preston’s sister. Emma fancies Harry.

Pallav was told by Ollie that I fancy him and I don’t. Well, not really. [Which means I totally did.]

Abby started her periods today and got really upset. She was lucky it was before school though. [One of my biggest fears after I learnt the purpose of the “special towels for ladies” in the toilet machines was starting my periods at school. Mine just ruined a New Year instead. Thanks, nature.]


Abby’s Thursday 21st Hi, I started my periods this morning. I don’t care though really. It’s just a pain.

We got locked out of the house and I couldn’t get my saxophone so I had to miss the lesson.

Bye x

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