He gets on Lizzie’s bus – 20th November 1996

My Wednesday 20th Dougie has been in this week. He gets on Lizzie’s bus because they live in the same place.

I was so relieved when I came out of the dentist’s. My teeth are good, strong and healthy. The hole was nothing and the stains are just the roughness of the back of my teeth. The only thing is that I’m going to see the orthodontist sometime about the options for the gaps in my teeth caused by the one lying horizontally in my gum. This nice new dentist said that if I want perfectly straight teeth, I could have surgery and I really don’t want that! I’m the one that gets worked up about going for a check-up!

Abby’s got until Christmas to get a baby tooth out and Mum had an x-ray and is going to have a filling re-done.

In home economics in school, I made a sponge cake. It turned out really well in the end.

November 1996 - Cake

In Drama, I got away (this week) without my character being paired or married off to anyone. I am a lodger and our teacher, Mrs A, is considering the possibility that I am Leona’s character’s daughter that she had adopted.

Not much else happened today so…


Abby’s Wednesday 20th Hi, I went to the dentist today. She’s a lot nicer than the other one. I like her. I have to get the “half tooth” out for the 3rd of January.

Sadie was saying she wanted to make friends. As if.

Bye x

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