We are sat boy-girl-boy-girl – 19th November 1996

My Tuesday 19th I’ve got to go to the dentist tomorrow. We’ve never been to her before. First we had Miss S in Rochdale but it’s too far from where we live. We only went because Grandma S recommended her.

Then we had Mrs S nearer home but Abby hates her because she kept saying, “You shouldn’t be having these fillings! Your sister’s older than you and my daughter’s the same age as you and they haven’t got any!” She reminded me of a mixture between Mrs P, our primary school headteacher, and Megan’s mum. Megan is my ex best friend. She just bugs me now.

Tomorrow we are going to the new dentist in the next village. […who has actually royally pissed me off in the last fortnight by seemingly making it as difficult as possible to get an appointment. ARGH. Infuriating tooth magpies.] I’ve mentioned this because I’m worried. It looks like I have a tiny black hole in my tooth. [Please note that I do have more than one tooth.] I’m not sure what it is but I don’t want a filling. I’ve never had to have one before and Abby says it’s not the best thing in the world. (I wonder what is!) I really don’t know what a bad tooth looks like. [Tooth swot.] I’m just hoping that mine isn’t bad.

It doesn’t look like Dougie has been in school yet this week. I’m kind of hoping he’ll be back in for Thursday for after school music lessons.

It was funny in English today, even though we are sat boy-girl-boy-girl and I’m between two swots, Miles Sheppard and Sam Allsop. Anyway, it was sleeting a bit and Jack Eddison was closing the door and it fell off its hinges! The other thing was Sinead Holt’s poem. We were doing haikus and hers was something like:

Evil staring eyes
Stands at the front of the room
Shouting at us all


Abby’s Tuesday 19th Hi, I’m probably wrong but Sadie seemed to be a bit nicer today. She sort of said thanks, although it doesn’t mean a thing. She’s a bit better on her own than when she’s with everyone else.

[Sadie is a cow
A queen of all things bovine
Want to slap her face]

Bye x

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