She has had an orange face today – 13th November 1996

My Wednesday 13th I’ve been really nervous about doing Drama all day. I’m not very confident and this bossy girl called Amber Watson was in my group last week and decided my character for me! I wasn’t bothered about the landlady bit, it was the fact that she decided I would go out with Miles Sheppard! He’s a really swotty lad, glasses and all, who sites all lunch reading dictionaries! (Maybe I exaggerate a bit there.)

Anyway, it turned out ok this week and we chose our own characters. I am now (in Drama) [Could have had a serious identity crisis on my hands had I not clarified that.] Sarah Keery age 19. I have move to a flat near West Wallaby Close (the name of the soap opera my form are doing in the lesson) straight from school. I am now looking for a part time job before starting collage.

Right, back to the real world. Emma has been wearing so much make up since we came back after the summer holidays. She has had an orange face today from the foundation, her eyelashes are all stuck together from the oil slicks of mascara and her lips and cheeks have got redder and redder from the lipstick and blusher she keeps putting on every spare minute of the day!

It’s quite funny really because she doesn’t know it’s so obvious!


November 1996 - Heart end

Abby’s Wednesday 13th Hi, by the way I got an electric toothbrush as well as Tess and she also did get loads of money.

Sadie was saying she wanted to make friends but she didn’t really. It was horrible.

Then in the dinner queue, I had to stand behind Sadie and Evie because I couldn’t push in with my other friends.

I had a hot dinner today because it was fairly cool.

Bye x

[Conker‘s back!…]

November 1996 - Abby Conker



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