I’ve been alive for 14 years! – 12th November 1996

My Tuesday 12th It’s my 14th birthday today! At 12:14/00:14 (14 minutes past midnight) I WAS 14! I’ve been alive for 14 years! WOW! [It was a constant surprise to me that I hadn’t died yet. Maybe saying “common cold” repeatedly did the trick.]

I’ve had loads of cards and quite a few presents but a lot of people tend to send me money now I’m older. So far I think I have £30 and 2 gift vouchers.

My presents were mostly for Mum, Dad and Abby. I’ve got

– the film Jumanji on video (I can’t be bothered explaining what it’s about but it’s brilliant)
– a Reebok sweatshirt
– an Umbro polo shirt
– an X-Files T-shirt
– an electric toothbrush

…er… and I think that’s it from home.

November 1996 - Clothes presents

At school I got stuff off my friends too.

– Cat bought me Matchmakers chocolates.
– Emma got me a tin with chocolates in and a soap dish shaped to be a hippo with blackcurrant-smelling soap.
– Poppy got me a fancy pen.
– Hayley brought herself round to buying me a David Beckham miniature plastic shirt to put on a window. He plays football for Manchester United and is young and gorgeous!

November 1996 - Other presents

I have had a chocolate cake too which was lovely.


Abby’s Tuesday 12th Hi, it was Tess’s birthday today. We gave her all the presents. She knew what they were already because she had guessed. She also got an X-Files T-shirt and an electric toothbrush.

Bye x


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