I didn’t have much time to panic – 11th November 1996

My Monday 11th As always, we had the 2 minutes silence at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month to remember all those who have fought for their countries in wars of the past.

I also very unexpectedly was called with the rest of my form for the BCG test. I didn’t have much time to panic. I was nervous and now my arm has 6 tiny dots in a circle where it was tested.

November 1996 - BCG

The nurse in school put a drop on my arm and, with this stamp with needles, pushed it into my arm. It didn’t really hurt actually.

November 1996 - Common cold

[I forgot I used to do this. If I was ever talking/writing about a disease, I’d say/write a less deadly disease afterwards. I thought I’d get the bad disease (in this case, tuberculosis) if it was the last one I’d spoken/written about. On special occasions, I’d say “common cold” three times afterwards, just to make sure. Everyone else did the same, right? RIGHT?!]

This is the last day of me being 13 years old and the last I am going to write in the diary! [Only because I’d run out of pages and needed a new one.]


[This was on the very back page…]

INFO [Stalker notes.]

NAME: James William Douglas
AGE: 13
D.O.B: December
P.O.B: Cumbria (Lucy says so!)
STAR SIGN: Capricorn
FAMILY: Dad, Mum, 2 sisters
APPEARANCE: Average height, blonde/brown hair, blue/green eyes, gorgeous, walks from side to side a bit like a penguin!
PERSONALITY: Quiet(ish), friendly, smiley, can say really stupid things!
OTHER STUFF: Supports Manchester United F.C.

Abby’s Monday 11th Hi, I think we should have a three days weekend. [Me too.] It always goes too quickly.

I have to go to Swing Band this week. It’s on Friday lunchtimes. I can’t be bothered. Bye x


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