I went as Edina Monsoon – 10th November 1996

My Sunday 10th I went to the next village with Emma again today. Abby came too and so did Emma’s friend Lauren. We spent most of the time on the park and I asked Emma if she had any more guesses. Abby suggested a wink (I had mentioned it to her) and I admitted it.

Emma didn’t bother at first but later on she asked me if I thought it was possible for Dougie to fancy her. I said I didn’t know.

I asked Abby to ask Emma if she thought he fancied me because she seemed bothered. She said he probably did.

Later on, this evening, it was Poppy’s party. It was a fancy dress party with a TV theme so I went as Edina Monsoon out of Absolutely Fabulous. She is played by Jennifer Saunders. He character Eddie is meant to be totally naff and it’s all 1960s, sweetie darling etc.

So I wore this:

November 1996 - Edina Monsoon


Abby’s Sunday 10th Hi, we both went out with Emma today. Her friend Lauren came over and we were playing Truth, Dare, Kiss, Command or Promise at the primary school. It was good fun. Tess didn’t want me to go though, I don’t think.

Bye x

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