She decided she fancies Dougie again – 9th November 1996

My Saturday 9th Abby and Mum went to get my birthday presents today so I went to the next village with Emma. She told me that after Pleasure Island, she decided she fancies Dougie again.

I really wanted to tell her about Dougie winking at me but I knew I’d regret it if I did. Instead I said, “I really want to tell someone about Pleasure Island but I don’t know if it’s a good idea”. I didn’t tell her and she was getting really wound up about it!

Emma then started guessing and has now got these facts:

– It was at Pleasure Island
– It happened at the bowling
– Dougie made a facial expression to me
– He looked as if he wished he hadn’t done it
– Ralph witnessed it

Emma went through most facial expressions but not a wink! She is now getting worried that whatever he did means he fancies me, which has crossed my mind too!


Abby’s Saturday 9th Hi, we got Tess’s presents today.

A Reebok jumper

November 1996 - Abby presents 1

An Umbro polo shirt

November 1996 - Abby presents 2

[Jesus. I must’ve looked like a right scally.]

A Jumanji video

November 1996 - Abby presents 3

[What an incredible likeness.]

[There was more on the list but Abby seemed pretty sure that I wouldn’t be getting an electric toothbrush…]

November 1996 - Abby scribble
And she will get a lot of money. [These were the days when 40p was considered a lot of money.]

Bye x

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