He WINKED at me! – 7th November 1996

My Thursday 7th Most of my year went to Pleasure Island this evening. It was well ace!

I sat next to Sarah on the on the coach but we all went straight to Quasar together when we got there. I was on the green team with the rest of my friends and called Storm. We played against the twins (Bobby & George), Ollie and other people. We won.

Next we went bowling. We ended up in a lane next to Dougie, Ralph, Neil and Megan (who we all hate because she follows Dougie round like a little lost lamb). Dougie was winning on his little match so I looked at him and he grinned. So did I.

Then Dougie was sitting down with Ralph and I looked in their direction and Dougie turned round and he WINKED at me! I didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or thrilled! So I just looked away. [Yep. Standard panic reaction of mine.]

Dougie just looked as if he wished he hasn’t done it and Ralph was grinning! None of my friends saw, thank goodness! I still can’t believe it but I’ll bet Ralph told him to do it.

Then we went on the roller rink. I just skated with Lizzie who fell twice. I’m ok at it and stayed on my feet. Dougie was also on so I didn’t want to look at him. I pretended to talk to someone every time he went past. Ed (who I’ve known nearly all my life) kept following me and falling over.

We did go on the play area but not for long. We went back on the roller rink again but just to watch. Neil was still on and having trouble. I just spoke to him and Zoe told him I fancied him! I don’t!

I want to tell someone about the wink but they would probably just tease me!


Abby’s Thursday 7th Hi, they were being horrid again today. I’ve started walking round to school with Tess now. I hope she doesn’t mind. Or her friends. I’ve started walking home with her as well now.

See you x

3 thoughts on “He WINKED at me! – 7th November 1996

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