Black cap, Wolfsport coat and a brace – 5th & 6th November 1996

My Tuesday 5th Emma, Hayley, Abby and I all went to the bonfire and fireworks by the church in the village. We saw this lad and Hayley kept saying that Emma fancied him. We noticed that he had gone after Hayley had been talking to him. I wonder what she said.

Hayley said the lad’s name was Darren, aged 14, supported Bolton Wanderers and lived in town but his gran lived in the next village. Wow. (Not.) He was ok in looks with blondish-brown hair, black cap, Wolfsport coat and a brace. [Yeah. Delightful.]

Emma did like him actually!


Abby’s Tuesday 5th Hi, I went to the bonny at the church with Hayley and Emma and Tess.

There was this nice boy there who we kept talking to. He was called Darren. He supported Bolton Wanderers F.C. and he comes from town.

Bye x

Abby’s Wednesday 6th Hi, today was boring as always. At the weekend, which I hope comes quickly, we are going to buy Tess’s birthday presents. It’s her birthday next Tuesday on the 12th. She says she wants a Man Utd shirt but I know she’d never wear it.

Bye x

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