I forced them to say hi – 1st-3rd November 1996

[I gave myself a couple of days off at the start of November so I’ll let Abby kick off the month with white rabbits…]

Abby’s Friday 1st Hi, I remembered to say white rabbits this morning (for once).

We went to PC World today and got a computer only we’re not actually getting it until 16/11/96.


Abby’s Saturday 2nd Hi, I forgot to tell you that Mollie has had her hair cut. [Don’t worry, Abby… I drew pictures.] She seems like a puppy again.

I don’t want to go back to school.

I’m going to a bonfire night tomorrow with Emma and Tess.

Bye x

My Sunday 3rd It’s my month finally and my birthday in 9 days!

I’m really worried about Abby. All her friends are ignoring her and she’s getting really worked up about having to sit on her own and stuff. I probably wouldn’t be this sympathetic if it hadn’t happened to me in 1st Year. I was really teased by Lindsey and Karen. It was so awful.

We went to a firework display in the next village tonight with Emma. It was brilliant and really expensive-looking!


Abby’s Sunday 3rd Hi, I don’t want to go to school tomorrow. I saw Sadie, Alice, Evie and May at the bonfire night. They all ignored me until I forced them to say hi. Alice and May did. I don’t like Sadie any more.

Bye x

Abby’s Monday 4th Hi, I was ignored again today but it wasn’t too bad. This is who I sat with:

English Caitlin & table [Oh no! Had things got so desperate that she was befriending furniture?]
Technology Melanie and Becky
P.E. Partners with Melanie
Maths Caitlin
Science Caitlin, Becky, Sophie

Bye x

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