The Pirates of Penzance – 31st October 1996

My Thursday 31st

October 1996 - Halloween

[Looks like I may have had a small stroke midway through writing the date.]

We went to take Mollie to be clipped again today. She’s all ears!

October 1996 - Scottie bagpipes

[The occasion of clipping a Scottie dog’s fur summons all things stereotypically Scottish, as depicted in my diagrams.]

We also went to see The Pirates of Penzance with Grandma S and her friend Jean. It seemed so boring compared to Grease but it was ok seeing as it was an amiture [not a bad guess, I s’pose] dramatics group and held on a primary school stage. [Yeah, slightly bad timing having seen Grease the day before.] Anyway,

October 1996 - Gory bye

October 1996 - Witch

Abby’s Thursday 31st Hi, it’s Halloween tonight. I haven’t seen anything yet. [I assume she means witches or ghosts.]

I went to Grandma S’s to see The Pirates of Penzance. It was boring. I was singing Grease songs all the way through. [Tell it like it is, Abby.]

Bye x

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