It makes her look older – 30th October 1996

My Wednesday 30th Right, well, I went with Emma, Hayley and Abby to see Grease again. It was no different from the last time except we were 7 rows from the front!

Emma’s had her hair feathered and it makes her look older.

Grease was still brilliant the second time but we decided that Kenickie was gorgeous, a good singer and should have played Danny instead!

October 1996 - Grease


Abby’s Wednesday 30th Hi, we went to Grease today. Emma seriously fancies Kenicky. Me and Hayley were shouting at Danny (Shane Richie) constantly. It was really good.

That is the second time I’ve seen it. I want to see it again.

Bye x

2 thoughts on “It makes her look older – 30th October 1996

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