Re-running over the zones – 27th October 1996

My Sunday 27th We went back to the woods today, re-running over the zones. We saw a jay and a woodpecker and plenty of blue tits. We also found a really good climbing tree.

I have cleared my bedroom almost completely. My wardrobes and drawers have come down. It looks so spacious. I don’t know if I can sleep here with it like this!

October 1996 - Space filler


Abby’s Sunday 27th Hi, I just can’t wait until Wednesday. [Grease day.] It’s going to be so excellent.

No doubt Tess will have a good time at Camelot on Tuesday but she probably won’t go on anything. [Correct.] I would. I’ve been on Excalibur, the pirate ship that goes upside down.

Emma’s friend Suzanna was here today. She was nice but a bit quiet. Never mind it was still good fun. We went to our den which is next to the golf course in the next village. It’s kind of a little wood and we’ve made zones for each different area. It’s really good although I think Suzanna thought we were a bit weird. [I doubt she was the only one.]

Bye x


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