We decided to play armies – 26th October 1996

My Saturday 26th It’s the first day of the half term holidays so Abby and I went into the next village with Emma.

I had a meat and potato pasty for lunch then afterwards the three of us just went round the streets until we found a public footpath down the side of the golf course. We decided to play armies (sad, I know) and the golfers were the enemy. We were eventually spotted by Dad’s friend Arthur.

Then we decided to set up zones, marking the beginning and end with sticks. There was:

– the No Zone (before we got to the woodland bit)
– the O Zone (our zone, bikes and stuff)
– the Firing Zone (we set up a Y shaped stick for a conker catapult) [Oh my God, this really is incredibly sad.]
– the Enemy Zone (golf course)
– the Marshy Zone (marshy pond)
– the N or Norm Zone (boring bit)
– the Hollow Tree Zone (had 2 hollow trees) [Will it ever end?!]
the Par 4 Zone (near a green on the course)
– the Y Zone (the path forked)
– the Forgotten Zone (overgrown pathway) [This is so embarrassing. I’ve not cringed this much in a while. And on it goes…]
– the White Shed Zone
– the Pond Zone.

Stupid or what?! [YES!!]

This afternoon, later on, we went to town (Abby, Mum and I) to get my wallpaper. I’m having my room done in yellow as I think I’ve mentioned [Yes, in detail.] and we finally managed to find a matching wallpaper for the border and bottom half.


Abby’s Saturday 26th Hi, I’m going to see Grease on Wednesday with Emma and Hayley. They’ve paid for their tickets but we’re taking them.

Tess is going to Camelot on Tuesday. It’s not fair.

Bye x


11 thoughts on “We decided to play armies – 26th October 1996

    • It was loads of fun but is it really something people do at 13? If I’d read it not knowing how old I was, I’d have guessed I was 7 or 8! I’ll just have to live with the fact that I’m a massive sad-act at heart 😀


      • Ahaha that’s true. But I still play silly childish games with my younger cousins. And I remember when I was 11 to 12, my friends and I would play imaginary games like how we have superpowers and such. Ahaha, a bit too childish for our age. Though the year after that we did stop. I think our enthusiastic imagination decided it’s about time to vanish.


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