My tooth’s wobbly – 21st October 1996

[Thankfully for me, sis and I both kept it brief on 21st October 1996. Everyone at work is on holiday or at meetings and I’m alooooone and so busy. SEND BISCUITS URGENTLY.]

My Monday 21st I’ve got Mollie here on my bed with me but I doubt she’ll be allowed to stay.

Well, I missed P.E. for the third time because my kit had gone missing after I left it in the Quad (playground). It had turned up at the office when I went to see if it was there.


Abby’s Monday 21st Hi, Sadie is speaking to me but she also keeps whispering to people. [Sadie is a cowbag.]

We’ve got a French test tomorrow and I’m really worried. I bet I’ll do really badly.

My tooth’s wobbly and it’s sore.

Bye x

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