He demonstrated using my thigh! – 17th October 1996

My Thursday 17th Nowt happened yesterday apart from I got a new pair of shoes.

October 1996 - Shoe

Right, today. Well, Dougie doesn’t tend to even look at me any more when he’s with his mates, like in assembly, but after school is not so bad (so far).

There weren’t as many people there tonight because there was hockey on, Bobby & George weren’t there because there were no drum lessons, Pallav came along later and Abby was on the computers in the library.

You know those chatterbox things that are on music trolleys? [Don’t worry if not, I drew one…]

October 1996 - Chatterbox

Well, Emma was pratting about with it and asked me how it worked so Dougie snatched it off her and he demonstrated using my thigh!

I think Emma was a bit jealous actually because he also told me when he has shut someone in a room!

I doubt he does but I hope he likes me!

October 1996 - Heart again


Abby’s Thursday 17th Hi, it’s Evie’s birthday today. It’s her birthday party on Saturday. She’s having a 60s party. How sad.

Tess is really annoying me. She keeps going on about Dougie and stupid things I don’t want to know about. [Ha! Sozzard.]

Bye x


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