Also, penguins – 15th & 16th October 1996

My Tuesday 15th Did I not write yesterday? I didn’t, did I? Oh well, not much happened at school apart from Open Evening which I had to play in the orchestra for. We had a break so Emma, Cat and I went to watch the basketball. They were all there – Dougie, Owen, Pallav, both sets of twins, Ian, Ollie etc. Oh yeah, and Ralph was doing Technology!

Today has been pretty boring too. It says a lot about what I think of school if I say I can’t wait until lunchtime and the home time bell. [I wish a bell would ring at 3:20 every weekday at work.]

Lizzie and I have been quite good friends so far this week, mainly because we have things in common, like Dougie. He stares at her on the bus and me on Thursdays. [That’s some very specific staring.]

Also, penguins. We have come to the conclusion that Owen and Dougie both evolved from penguins not apes. Owen looks like one and Dougie walks like one!


Abby’s Tuesday 15th Hi, Sadie and Jen have completely ignored me today and I have no idea why. Not one of them has said anything nice to me and evidently I get on their nerves.

Well, tough. I just hope they’re better tomorrow.

It’s been a week since Twiglet died. (Boo hoo hoo.)

Bye x


[I skipped a day again because “nowt happened” so you’ve just got Abby for company on 16th.]

Abby’s Wednesday 16th Hi, Sadie actually talked to me today. I still don’t know why they’re being stupid. I don’t care.

Man Utd won today against some team I can’t pronounce. They won 2-0 and Cantona and David Beckham scored. He’s so gorgeous.

Bye x

[The love for Twiglet seems to have waned.]

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