We all kind of admitted who we fancy – 13th & 14th October 1996

My Sunday 13th Well, after chasing Mollie I went over on my ankle and it seems like I’ve sprained it. Not badly but it still makes me hobble a bit! I did manage to go on a bike ride because you don’t actually have to move or put much weight on your ankle. It’s just there on the pedal. Abby and Emma came with me so we went to the next village.

We all kind of admitted who we fancy.

Me – I said I thought Dougie was alright which isn’t what I think at all. I really like him.
Abby – She wouldn’t say apart from Iain on holiday.
Emma – She said Dougie but there’s someone she likes more!

October 1996 - Heart


Abby’s Sunday 13th Hi, Dad’s bought the Breakfast At Tiffany’s single off me because he likes it so much.

I went out with Tess and Emma today and I saw Toby Dale and Riley Howarth (lovely (not)). Nothing else happened really. Bye x


[I skipped a day for some reason. It really must have been incredibly boring considering I thought wallpaper shopping yesterday was worth recording. Abby carried on though…]

Abby’s Monday 14th Hi, Sadie and Jen have gone all clingy. It’s like they’ve planned it when I’ve not been there. They keep whispering to each other and won’t tell me anything at all.

By the way, I’ve seen this garage they’ve made [??] and it’s crap.

Bye x


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