He knows my name!! – 10th October 1996

My Thursday 10th Nothing really happened during the day so I’ll go straight onto before my flute lesson.

I arrived in the music room at about 3:25pm where there was Ollie, George and Pallav all on the keyboards. I decided I was hungry so I went to the venders. On the way we passed Dougie.

I did get anything in the end so I went back in the music room with Emma and Zoe. Abby was there by then with 2 of her friends on the keyboards.

Just as Dougie was getting his guitar ready before his lesson, this conversation happened (more or less):

Zoe – Byker Grove (Laughs)
Me – You what? (Pretending I didn’t know)
Zoe – Byker Grove (Laughs)
Dougie – Was it you, Zoe?
Me – What’s she on about? (All innocent!)
Dougie – Nothing.
Zoe – (To me) Byker Grove, remember?
Dougie – I really thought that was a magazine. (Goes to his lesson)

After that I ran straight to warn Emma and Abby he knew. Abby went to her lesson and Zoe told us that he thought it was her and Emma just said, “Good!” because Zoe was stupid enough to say something. He’s bound to think it was her.

Zoe stormed off and cried in the toilets.

The other lads came in for their lesson then and they started being nosey. When Dougie came out of his lesson, Emma told him WE did it. I don’t know if he knows it was me or not because when Emma was seeing to Zoe, he said, “Er… Tess, (He knows my name!!) why did she phone?” Then Emma walked in and grinned at us because he spoke to me! I told him she was bored. He went out then came back in again and said to me, “Actually, I don’t watch Byker Grove.”


Abby’s Thursday 10th Hi, I’m still sad about Twiglet. It’s really unfair.

Sadie is going out with Hugh Halton and she went with him (snogged him) yesterday. She snogged Michael Todd not that long ago.

Bye x



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