I thought he was just hibernating– 8th October 1996

My Tuesday 8th I actually felt sorry for my sister this evening because unfortunately Twiglet died. It’s such a shame because he was such a sweet little hamster.

Anyway, [yeah, never mind all that] whilst we were all wading through English and Maths, Freda and Cat were off to London for the TV awards! They get the day off tomorrow as well! They’ve only gone to see someone out of the X Files telly programme anyway.

I’ve got to tell you about the group hug! It was me, Lizzie and Emma that witnessed it at lunchtime. We were just walking down past the Sports Hall when all of a sudden Owen, Dougie, Ralph, Will Fernley, David and a couple of others all leapt out from behind the garages and raced off onto the bus turning circle. Then they all started fighting (not for real) and got in a big group which made them look like they were all hugging. They weren’t though, it just looked like it. [What a tale! I’m so glad I wrote it down.]

I don’t think they noticed us until Dougie did. He looked so embarrassed because he knew they looked stupid. The three of us couldn’t help laughing which was when the rest of them saw us.

I just made Dougie aware of what he was doing. You know like you can’t eat or walk properly when someone’s watching you?! [Er… that might just be me.]


Abby’s Tuesday 8th Hi, Twiglet died this evening. I’m so upset. I haven’t cried yet but I know I will tonight. It’s so unfair. He was only a baby. I thought he was just hibernating [forever the optimist] when I looked at him when I had just got home from school. Then I looked at him again this evening and he was dead. I wish that he would have been hibernating.

I had to take him downstairs into the garage. I’ll give him a funeral tomorrow. I’ve got to go to bed now.

Bye x

P.S. I love Twiglet 4eva

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