Dougie’s got this new coat – 7th October 1996

My Monday 7th We don’t think that Abby’s hamster (Twiglet) is very well really. He seems to just sleep all the time. Then when she got him out before he was all scrunched up even when walking around. I hope he’s alright.

Tizzy seems to be ok even though she still chews the bars. The guinea pigs keep escaping. The cat’s discovered my hamster so I have to keep the door closed in the day.

Mollie is just so sweet. Brave little Mollie protecting Mum from a big man up a dark lane until she realised it was Dad. Ahh.

Right, Dougie’s got this new coat. It’s a blue and green Adiddas Addidas Adidas one  with 3 white stripes down the sleeve. You can see him from quite a distance in it [handy for stalkerisation] BUT it must be a popular one because it seems like half the school’s got one so it feels like he’s everywhere! [A dream come true!]


Abby’s Monday 7th Hi, I’m worried about Twiglet. He’s either going to hibernate or he’s not well. He’s not himself. I want to take him to the vet to see what they think. We couldn’t go tonight.

Bye x

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