It makes the dog howl – 6th October 1996

My Sunday 6th I’ve not done much today really. We went out to look at wallpaper in town then went to B&Q for the same thing. I didn’t really see anything I liked apart from one with fish on but it would have looked a bit drab in my room because it’s at the back. I want bright. Yellow probably with a bit of blue to brighten it up a bit in here. The pink I’ve got now is good enough but I need a change really.

I’ve not really had anything actually bought new for my bedroom in ages so if we ever get round to redecorating, it should be nice.

I was practicing my flute (for the first time in ages) and we’ve discovered that it makes the dog howl. Mollie’s usually a quiet dog but she can’t half make a noise when she wants to. I don’t know if the neighbours do but we love her.


Abby’s Sunday 6th Hi, Twiglet didn’t get up last night. I hope he’s ok.

I went to B&Q today to look for wallpaper for Tess. We’re going to Do It All in the week to see if there’s anything else. [Our family days out were THE BEST.]

Bye x

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