We went round MFI – 5th October 1996

My Saturday 5th We went round MFI today looking for a desk each but we ended up with a wardrobe for me. It’s nice. It’s like blue with wooden bits, oh, I can’t describe it. It’s just nice, ok? [Here’s a photo because I still have it…]

October 1996 - Wardrobe

[I’d say it was green, ok?]

Emma, Abby and I walked into the next village because my bike has another puncture! I can’t believe that hawthorn hedges cause so much trouble. We didn’t do much when we got there though.

I’ve got the dog here now. Oh, that reminds me, we saw Cariad today, a Scottie dog in the next village. She’s lovely!


October 1996 - Hearts end

Abby’s Saturday 5th Hi, I went to MFI today to look for a desk. Then we went to the town centre and I saw Natasha Yates. I hate seeing people I know.

I was going to get some more earrings but I didn’t.

Bye x

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