I enjoyed orchestra about 3% more – 4th October 1996

My Friday 4th I would really like it if Dougie spoke to me, saying something nice but not embarrassing [there’s a fine line, apparently] for no real reason. Just like “Hi” or something.

I enjoyed orchestra about 3% more than last week which I enjoyed about 1% then. It’s boring and lots of people I don’t like have joined too.

Dougie didn’t come. I don’t think he’s going to but I kind of want him to (I think).

Nowt else happened. I’m going. Bye! Good riddance and don’t ever read my stuff AGAIN! Only joking, I didn’t mean it.

Bye bye!!!

October 1996 - Star end

Abby’s Friday 4th Hi, Jen and Sadie were asking Max out for me in History today. Jen said he was thinking about it. As if. Nobody would go out with me.

I saw Dougie today and yesterday at my music lesson. I can’t help laughing. Byker Grove!

Bye x


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