An apple, orange, banana then a potato – 3rd October 1996

My Thursday 3rd I wasn’t feeling 100% today but I coped. [Little trooper.] It doesn’t sound like I missed much at school really, not socially wise anyway. [And that’s the most important thing.]

Assembly was good today, no not because I was sat near Dougie, but because Mr M our head of year. He’s been a well ace head all through 2nd Year and so far in 3rd Year. He’s just funny with no boring assemblies or ties round his neck! He got people out of the year, 4 boys and 4 girls. The theme was about ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’ which is usually a yawn but, oh no, not with our head of year. He had the lads up pretending that they were in a Mr Universe contest! Then he had the girls modelling pieces of fruit. An apple, orange, banana then a potato. It was daft but fun!

Flute lesson itself was boring but before was greatish. Dougie was on a keyboard playing the daft noises. I pretended I wasn’t watching but I saw him waiting for a reaction from me or Emma.

He went to his lesson, left the door open and Zoe walked past and said loudly, “I know there’s someone you like in there who’s name begins with J, Tess.”

I lost Emma and Zoe and asked him if he’d seen them. I didn’t listen for an answer because it poured with rain. Bobby & George, Ollie and Pallav then rushed past me and soaked me then Abby came out of her lesson. I went to mine. The end. For the moment.


Abby’s Thursday 3rd Hi, that proves it, some of my friends keep saying I don’t listen to what they’re saying because I keep asking them. When they start a conversation I’m always elsewhere so it’s not my fault. Sadie says I don’t listen is class either. Liar.

Bye x

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