Her sister nearly tripped over Prince Charles! – 2nd October 1996

My Wednesday 2nd

October 1996 - 7th period

Grandma S and I took Mollie for a walk today. It’s lovely up the lane when it’s sunny.

I really love having Grandma here. She makes you feel better than you are by telling you lots of stories from the past and she doesn’t mind playing cards.

She was telling me this morning about when she went to Ascot with her friends and she saw the royal family and her sister (Great Auntie M) nearly tripped over Prince Charles!

Emma phoned this evening about music tomorrow and I phoned Sarah about Art.

I think Abby’s jealous of me being ill actually. Probably isn’t, just cross or something. She’s ok really I s’pose!

October 1996 - Slug


Abby’s Wednesday 2nd Hi, Evie went to the hockey match tonight, it’s not fair, she’s showing off just because I didn’t play.

I spoke to Max today. He’s ok when he’s not with his mates.

I wish somebody fancied me. I’m just so awful. Everybody hates me. [Is it a bit tight that this is making me do an actual LOL?] It’s not fair, everybody else has had boyfriends. I’m just so ugly. Everybody else is pretty.

Even my friends keep teasing me and being horrid. I don’t know why. I don’t think anybody really likes me. Friends and all. [Oh nooo! Now I feel bad for LOLing!]

Goodbye x

P.S. My diary is the only thing I can tell this to.

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