I’ve got magnetic earrings – 26th-30th September 1996

My Thursday 26th Abby’s got her music lesson on the same day as me! That could be awful if Evie doesn’t stay after school. She might (probably) follow me round, talk to Emma and let her ignore me, smile if I speak to a lad or even go around telling them one at a time that I fancy them. It can’t possibly be as good as last year, can it?

Nothing else has really happened today but, believe it or not, I didn’t fall out with Freda and tried ever so hard to ignore her after she told Dougie’s sister that I liked her brother!



Abby’s Thursday 26th Hi, I wanted to get tickets today for the ice skating at school on Sunday but nobody else had money. I’ll try and get them tomorrow.

I have my saxophone lesson on a Thursday. Brillant. Bye x

[I didn’t write for a few days because I was ill but I shall continue with Abby’s gripping end to September to tide you over.]

Abby’s Friday 27th Hi, Maths was ok, only I got 14 and a half in the test. That’s awful.

It’s brill I’ve got my music lesson on a Thursday because Dougie will be there and loads of other people. Tess says I’m not allowed to follow her about. I wonder why. He he he!

Bye x

Abby’s Saturday 28th I’m glad it’s the weekend although I think we should all have a three day weekend.

Tess is ill and today I went to Tesco with Mum. Boring or what? Then I went to town. I’ve got magnetic earrings.

Bye x

Abby’s Sunday 29th Hi, I went ice skating at school today. It wasn’t proper ice, it was more like plastic.

Anyway I saw Dougie. I was trying to find out what shoe size he was. I didn’t. I fancy him (a bit)! [I just did a sharp intake of breath at this revelation!]

Bye x

Abby’s Monday 30th Hi, I’m just eating my toast. The honey is going to drip on Tess’s book.

Anyway, I spent most of today asking John out for Bethan. She really fancies him. He keeps saying no but I won’t give up.

See you x

P.S. I thought I’d have a change from bye x.

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