I went all shaky and couldn’t stop smiling – 24th & 25th September 1996

My Tuesday 24th Hello again! Zoe fancies Dougie now! She even phoned Lucy up last night and asked her to ask him out for her!

I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone but everyone seemed to know anyway apart from Dougie, so when he walked past (or is it passed?) me I couldn’t help it. I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut! I tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Er… Zoe fancies you.” He looked round as if in shock. Somehow I don’t think Zoe is his favourite person at the moment!

It was weird after I said that. I went all shaky and couldn’t stop smiling. I had spoken to him and it was really odd. I wouldn’t like to think what I would be like after a whole conversation. I would be too pleased!

In netball (I got to play Centre. Yes!) the German lads had cameras and were taking pictures of English netball players. Us!

Lucy went home after she brought Kristian in. She’s not well really. Her lad is uglyish but smiles a lot. I don’t think they have a clue, I mean, Dougie’s lad came in with what looked like a Germany football scarf on in England!


Abby’s Tuesday 24th Hi, nothing much happened today, I don’t think, I can’t actually remember.

It’s been really quiet today because Brendon has been ill. Never mind. I’m sure he’ll be back soon.

Bye x

My Wednesday 25th I just cannot believe Zoe sometimes! She’s decided she doesn’t like Dougie anymore but likes a lad in 4th Year.

The music lessons were up on the notice board today and Abby doesn’t know when hers is yet. Mine is still with Emma and Zoe and was originally meant to be on a Tuesday but that would have been awkward for me because Mum’s got Tai Chi and Chi Kung (ha ha ha!) so it’s now on a Thursday again. The other people there should be Dougie, Bobby & George, Ollie, Ian Robertson, Pallav, Becky the 2nd Year [formerly known as Becky the 1st Year] and a few other people that I don’t know as well. It doesn’t mean they’ll all wait in school though.

The exchange students and their British friends all went to Chester Zoo today so it was quietish. Dougie has one so his sister had to get his music times for him (I think it’s 4:00 – 4:30 and ours is 4:25 – 4:55). I don’t know if Lucy went to the zoo or not.

Leona wasn’t in school today or yesterday but Cat was back again.

See you probably soon, well, I won’t see you, but anyway. [Who is this aimed at?]


[The day was followed by this note…]

If anyone ever finds this diary in the future, please give it to me if I’m still alive. If not, stick it in a museum [to ensure everyone visiting is fully bored to tears] or give it to my family. Family 1st though.

Abby’s Wednesday 25th Hi, I forgot to put my chair up in Maths today. I’m going to get told off next lesson.

We had a test today. I bet I get a really low mark.

I can’t wait til the weekend.

Bye x

5 thoughts on “I went all shaky and couldn’t stop smiling – 24th & 25th September 1996

  1. extremely random observation: i always have to translate past!mollie’s use of 2nd year, 3rd year etc. into today’s (or at least my school’s) year system in my head…so 2nd year would be year 8, 3rd year would be year 9 etc. etc. it always amuses me and i don’t know why.


    • We used both actually… 1st Year = Year 7, 2nd Year = Year 8 etc. I’ve mixed and matched in my real life diary but thought I’d keep it consistent for this to save confusion. It’s one of the very few things that I’m editing when typing it up. Everything else is remains horribly and cringingly unedited!


      • Oo.. maybe I should’ve gone with Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 over 1st Year, 2nd Year etc. I can’t be bothered trawling through and changing it though (it’s also only a matter of time before I get caught typing it all up at work!) so I’m afraid you’ll both just have to live with the confusion 😉


      • It doesn’t matter much anymore 🙂 I was very confused at first about why you would fancy a boy in the fourth year XD Now it makes sense. Thanks


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