The Germany people – 22nd & 23rd September 1996

My Sunday 22nd We called for Emma again today but just as we’d got going, she got a puncture. We were closer to our house so we got Dad to fix it. Twice. The third time we set off it just went down again so Dad ran the three of us to Emma’s house including the bikes. After he’d gone, Emma realised that there was nobody in! We ended up giving her a backie into the village and back again.

It’s her road that’s causing the punctures because the hawthorn hedges have been cut leaving thorns everywhere. I’ve got one in my bike tyre now because of it. I’m not sure if it’s gone through or not though.


Abby’s Sunday 22nd Hi, we went for a bike ride with Emma today. She got a puncture and my dad had to fix it twice. [The horror!] Then it still had a puncture so we took it back to Emma’s house in the van. She decided she would go on her roller blades but they were locked in the house so I ended up giving her backies all the way round the village. I got very achy legs.

I was hoping we would see Max Higginson and he would be nice to me for a change. We didn’t though.

Bye x

My Monday 23rd We had a teacher for P.E. that we had never seen before. We were doing badminton and Mrs L wasn’t in so we had Mrs H instead. I don’t know where they got her from but every time she came near me I just could not hit that BLOODY shuttlecock! [WITCHCRAFT!!]

Poor Emma told me today that Andy Shaw fancies her. I think Poppy told her and she told me but I already knew from what his sister told me at Youth Club.

This morning I gave Pallav a chuddy (he was mithering) and it took him ages to get it out of the packet and when he did, Mrs S caught him and made him spit it out!

The Germany people [also known as Germans] came today as well and Lucy got a boy who seems awful, poor Lucy. I hope they are nice about the England team’s very unfortunate loss and I hope they can speak English. […because my German was absolutely dire and there was the potential for fit German exchange boys.] I’m not involved. I could have been but we couldn’t afford it and we didn’t want a strange person in the house very much either! [Strange as in someone we didn’t know rather than an assumption that all Germans are strange.]


[This was also the day when I invented my signature. I won’t be putting the picture of that on here though as it hasn’t changed a lot.]

Abby’s Monday 23rd Hi, shool school was boring today, nothing exciting ever happens.

Two new houses are being built a few houses away from us. I hope a really nice boy moves in who likes me (as if) and a sister a bit older than him. [This is either weird because of my thoughts on the same subject (although Abby is slightly less demanding) or it’s further evidence that Abby read my diary.]

Bye x


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