Mum says I have to go – 20th & 21st September 1996

My Friday 20th Er… Freda, Olivia and Cat weren’t in today. I had quite a good day I suppose apart from forgetting my German book. Well, actually I dropped in in the car. Dad did bring it and I handed my work in.

At lunch I missed the orchestra meeting (no instruments) but we were just told that it was Friday after school for an hour which I can’t honestly be bothered with but Mum says I have to go. Dougie’s not but I was kind of hoping he wouldn’t. [Bollocks.]

In Art, Sarah fell off her stool which made everyone laugh and in the Quad (play area) someone spat out chuddy [chewing gum] and it stuck to Emma’s forehead!

Abby’s gone to Blackpool for the evening with her Youth Club. I didn’t.


Abby’s Friday 20th Hi, we went to Blackpool today. It was really good fun. I didn’t like the minibus on the way there or on the way back. I told everyone I fancied Iain. I wish I could see him again. I bet he hates me.

Bye x

My Saturday 21st I finally got my French homework done. I went round to Emma’s this afternoon and we both made a separate poster about the weather. Mine looked a bit like this:

September 1996 - French weather

It was similar to that anyway with the pictures and all. I don’t know if I’ve put the phrases totally correctly on this one.

I’ve just played with Mollie and watched TV this evening.

Ok, bye!


Abby’s Saturday 21st Hi, Tess went to Emma’s today. I was bored. I went to town and bought a few things. I’ve found out that Lisa is getting engaged. She’s only in 4th Year. She’s getting married in 4 years. I bet she doesn’t.

Bye x

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