Update on who people fancy – 18th & 19th September 1996

My Wednesday 18th I’ve had a pretty hectic day today. At lunch for about 10 minutes I went with Leona out of school and across the road to Leona’s brother’s girlfriend’s house to get a pair of trainers for Leona in Drama. Her name is Vicky and she’s really nice. She’s got a dog that’s moulting. He’s lovely but he covered us with dog hair.

This evening I was doing my homework for ages, I just managed 2 difficult pieces and I got to the Science which was really, really hard. I had to get Dad to help. I just got upset eventually through frustration. I’m usually ok at Science but this topic is really trying me.

Mum is getting cross at our school about the computer homework. We haven’t got a printer and because of that they expect us to do it at school for our lunch break! It’s so silly and now Mum is threatening to go and complain. So long as that doesn’t embarrass us then that’s ok.


Abby’s Wednesday 18th Hi, it wasn’t the best day at school today. Evie was being stupid then May started. Brendon Birch shouted to me after school today and waved. He didn’t shout at anyone else. I waved back.

Bye x

My Thursday 19th I have not had the experience of a school day where I have not been teased about Dougie for a long time. I did today because Freda and Olivia were off. I saw his sister today though. [Please don’t stalk her too!]

In assembly we were shown a video about a woman in Scotland called Susan Duncan (I think) who had something wrong with her jaw or something and had to have an operation or she’d die. Her parents chose to let her live. Her face after the op has been left very damaged and, I don’t like to say it, does look bad. The poor woman. I think I look awful when I have all the acne I seem to get but it’s hardly anything compared to that.

Susan works for a charity and all she wants to do is get married. She is probably a lovely person too. Watching that was the first time our assembly has been almost silent.

I went out of school at lunch like I’ve been doing quite a lot. This time I was with Emma and Leona. We saw Jack Eddison, Ollie and Pallav and walked back to school with them.

September 1996 - Love update

Me (Tess) [Thanks.] = Dougie & Pallav
Leona = Robin Walsh
Emma = Anyone handsome, tall & dark
Olivia = Rob Waterfield
Cat = Carl & Jason Burgess (twins)
Lucy = Owen Kendal & Dougie (only maybe)


Abby’s Thursday 19th Hi, school was ok today. I’m going to Blackpool tomorrow with Youth Club. I can’t wait till the weekend. I’m sick of school already. We’ve only been back a couple of weeks.

Bye x

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