Detention for 3 minutes, 13 seconds – 16th & 17th September 1996

My Monday 16th Hayley goes really babyish when she’s in a silly mood and I really don’t like her like that. You see, in History she was throwing and dropping my pens on the floor and every time I picked it up, she pushed another one off the table. I’ve noticed she goes in to these moods when she is with Milla. I think it’s like showing off really.

My brain was all muzzy (I couldn’t think properly) tonight. It was warm today and I got a headache which is probably because of tiredness. I don’t know.


Abby’s Monday 16th Hi, you’ve probably noticed I’ve changed pens again. I found this one (which I got for Christmas) yesterday. P.E. wasn’t as bad as I thought and school wasn’t bad today either.

Bye x

My Tuesday 17th It was a pretty normal day today apart from we had a fire drill. We were in English but from the block we were in you can’t really hear any bells clearly so we only realised when 100s of people were rushing past. We had to go to the all-weather pitch, get in our forms and in alphabetical order.

Some idiots were kicking up sand and grit and it went in everyone’s eyes.

Dougie was there and I tried not to look at him because Emma was talking to me.

I also had class detention for 3 minutes, 13 seconds in Technology because Mr E timed how long it took us to be quiet.

When I came out, Dougie and some of the co were eating their lunch outside. Dougie also came out of the changing rooms after school to do rugby trials. I wonder if he’ll get on the team. [Seems like I may have done a swoon at this.]


Abby’s Tuesday 17th Hi, I saw Dougie today twice. Once he was going to the field and the other rugby practice. I can’t help laughing every time I see him because I think of Byker Grove and the phone call. It’s tight really. I want to get to know him. [Oh God. Not you as well, sis.]

Bye x


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