This boy spat on my back – 13th–15th September 1996

My Friday 13th Yes, I have had unlucky things happen to me today. For example:

– Sarah hit me over the head with her school bag after it missed Freda. It was an accident though.
– My ear’s sore AGAIN.
– This boy spat on my back on the way home from school.

I did sit with Lizzie in Maths again though. Not much else has happened really.


Abby’s Friday 13th Hi, it’s Friday 13th today. Nothing’s happened yet only we had two tests at school. French and Maths. I did ok in them both though. I got 10 out of 10 in French and 39 out of 42 in Maths. [Swot.]

Bye x

My Saturday 14th Emma, Abby and I all went to the next village on our bikes. I got a puncture and Dad had to come and pick my bike up.

We called for Zoe and Sadie as well. I walked off in a huff to get a drink from the newsagents and everyone else thought I was missing. Eventually I met up with them again.

I’ve been a bit worried about Tizzy really. She keeps biting her bars and pacing up and down like she wants to get out. Abby’s cage for Twiglet is a bit bigger than Tizzy’s and I should’ve got one like that but I didn’t know.


Abby’s Saturday 14th Hi, we went to town today to get school trousers. After lunch we went into the next village with Emma and we lost Tess. She didn’t even get told off for it. It’s not fair.

Bye x

My Sunday 15th Hayley came today and we made friendship bracelets which we have decided to sell at the next car boot or something that comes along. Some of them were quite nice too.

I had a rather large tantrum this evening through frustration. I had got everything ready and turned the hot water on and it was freezing. I either had to wait half an hour for the water to heat up or have a cold shower and we able to watch You’ve Been Framed on TV. I had a cold shower. I don’t know why.



[Still lurking then, Gordon?]

Abby’s Sunday 15th Hi, today we went for a bike ride with Hayley. Tess wouldn’t come to the garden centre so we’re going tomorrow instead. I’m dreading P.E. We’ve got Gym with Mr B. Oh no!

Bye x


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