The only people who have ever liked me are complete prats! – 11th & 12th September 1996

My Wednesday 11th I’ll just go through the lessons first.

Science – Just sheets and making pulleys.

French – Sat on my own because Emma and Lizzie sat together and Cat was ill. Did about weather. Didn’t understand a word.

Technology – Didn’t do much. Tech teachers can’t usually be bothered.

Geography – Sitting with Georgia Dean, Hayley and Lizzie. Rainforest etc. work with Miss I.

Drama – This was well ace today. We played concentration games mostly, like throwing a ball around the group and saying drop or catch and you do the opposite. Then I ended up in a group with Jack Eddison, Simon Bell, Johnny Doherty and Leona and we had to make a human toaster!

I’ve seen Dougie’s middle sister. She was talking to Lucy and looks a bit like James I suppose.


[I have no explanation for this…]

September 1996 - Cave dwellers

Abby’s Tuesday 11th Hi, school was ok today. I was worrying about P.E. but we had hockey with Miss P instead. Now I’m dreading Monday. Gym with Mr B.

Bye x

My Thursday 12th The lessons weren’t brilliant today at all. I did sit next to Lizzie in Maths because Cat and Hayley still weren’t in. Actually, Hayley was at Alton Towers with Milla. As if she can’t pay herself instead of Hayley paying [Milla’s family won quite a lot on the lottery.] Sorry, I’m just jealous. I wanted to go!

Dougie was sat a row in front of me in assembly this morning. I don’t actually think he noticed me though. I want him to like me too. The only people who have ever liked me are complete prats!

I get jealous of Lucy living next door to Dougie and Lizzie for living down the road.

The only boys around here are idiots or midgets, for example Aaron who is 13 but looks about 9.

There are 2 new houses being built down the road and I am just hoping that there will be a nice boy, my age, a bit taller than me, that would be friends with me, with a sister Abby’s age and other people really fancy him and would be jealous of me. I suppose he wouldn’t have to go to my school, he could go to another one. [That’s a bit of leeway for this imaginary boy then.] There’s not much chance of all that coming true though, is there?


[Oh fuck off, Gordon. Told you he was a sex pest.]


Abby’s Thursday 12th Hi, I want a pair of trousers for school now. I haven’t got them yet but I will try and get them at the weekend. School was ok. The new block is good.

Bye x


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