I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!! – 8th September 1996

My Sunday 8th

September 1996 - I don't want to go to school

(Just thought I would mention it.)

Anyway, I got Tizzy out again today and guess where she headed after jumping off my lap – straight under the bed! It’s not very high off the ground so I can’t reach under because my arm won’t fit but it’s just the right height for a hamster! I got her our eventually though.

Abby and I also called for Hayley so we went round the village on our bikes. I know where Johnny Doherty lives now. (He’s in my form.) The only thing was that I didn’t recognise him. He’s dyed his hair blonde! It was red before.

September 1996 - Uniform rules

[Here they are again in case you didn’t understand the first time I went on about it.]


Abby’s Sunday 8th Hi, I’ve had to change pens because I’m taking my other one to school. I’ll change it again tomorrow because this goes through the page. [That’s more like the ridiculous level of detail I’ve come to expect from a diary.]

Anyway, I’m dreading going back to school tomorrow. [Weren’t we all.]

We went with Hayley on a bike ride today and saw Max Higginson. He’s this boy in my form. I used to fancy him but I don’t anymore. Anyway, when we rode past him, Hayley shouted, “Hey you, will you go out with Abby?” I was so embarrassed. I rode off and then made them, Hayley and Tess, go back and tell him they were joking or I’d tell Hayley’s mum that she fancied this boy who she meets on holiday every year. [I kept that quiet.]

They did go back without me this time and now I’ve found out, well I think I’ve found out, that he fancies Evie. I probably won’t sleep tonight.

Bye x

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