She weed on Abby – 6th & 7th September 1996

My Friday 6th Mum has just been making me feel guilty about our animals. Mollie and Cleo are ok and I have been giving the guinea pigs grass and stuff but I haven’t changed Tizzy’s bedding or handled her much. What I have decided to do today is get ready for next week then I am going to sort her out properly. Mum is good at making people feel guilty though!

Emma came to us for a change but we only went to the post office and the village then we played board games here.

I really don’t want to go back to school and we’ve only got the weekend left now! (6th period too.)


Abby’s Friday 6th Hi. Today was boring, again all we did was go to Emma’s. We had a ride to the village and she stayed for tea.

Twiglet seems happy in his knew home.

Bye x

My Saturday 7th I really don’t want to go back to s…s…scho…SCHOOL! AHHHRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!!

Right, now that part is over with I’ll tell you what I did today. Not much. I paid half with Abby to buy Tizzy and Twiglet a ball thing.

September 1996 - Hamster ball

Twiglet is too light to make it go round but Tizzy is fine in it. I had her out quite a bit today and she weed on Abby. [Ha!]

Mollie is howling at my flute practice. It can’t be all that bad really, can it? [Yes.]


Abby’s Saturday 7th Hi. We’ve only got 1 more day of holidays left. I’m dreading going back because I didn’t go for four weeks before the holiday because I was really ill with food poisoning.

Tess’s hamster weed on me today as well.

Bye x

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