I have lots of things to dread – 5th September 1996

My Thursday 5th Only 3 more days before we go back to the torture chambers! (That’s school.) It’s awful!

I have lots of things to dread. Here is a list:

Early mornings
Not sitting with friends
Early nights
Seeing Dougie
Form room
Certain pupils
Flute lessons

And a few other things. Oh no. We probably won’t have a music lesson on the same day as Bobby, George and Dougie anymore! I might not even be with Emma and Zoe!

Anyway, today I have been on a bike ride with Emma again. We saw Hayley but didn’t do much else.

I’ve been training Tizzy to come when called but I don’t know if it’s working or not. [Do hamsters even do that?] Abby’s called her hamster Twiglet. Grandma S doesn’t like them too much I don’t think.


Abby’s Thursday 5th Hi. Grandma came today to look after us because Mum and Dad are at work. We went out with Emma again.

That’s all that happened really. [What? No lists of worries? Ah, to be 12 again.] 

Bye x

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