We dialled 141 so we couldn’t be traced – 4th September 1996

Wednesday 4th We had to get up quite early this morning and had to go to the primary school with Mum because it’s the teacher inset day. Sadie was there with her mum too so for an hour or so we were busy sticking labels, stapling workbooks and sharpening pencils (which has given me a big blister on my middle finger).

Dad had dropped our bikes off and Sadie had hers so when Emma came at 10 am, we went riding around the village calling on people (none of which could come out) and going to the paper shop for snacks.

At midday we rode home again and had a quick dinner then at about 1:30 pm called on Emma and rode the couple of miles to the next village. Sadie didn’t meet us this time. We went on to the green and sat down.

Just after we started riding over the green, this hairy dog started following us. We looked at it’s collar and on one side it said ‘Missing again!!!’ and on the other side was a phone number. Emma, Abby and I all piled in the phone box and Emma phoned the number. It turned out the dog was missing and the owner collected it, we think. (We hope.) (I think.) [What?!]

Chris Lewis and Haz the Geordie came and insulted Emma by saying she was a hippy.

We were bored so we went to a phone box. Emma dialled the operator and asked for the Douglas’s number. They gave it us and put us through. Dougie answered and Emma went, “Hi, is James there and um… never mind, bye.”

We went back to Emma’s house and wrote a script, then we dialled 141 so we couldn’t be traced then dialled Dougie’s number. Emma had one phone and Abby and I listened in on another. This is how the conversation went:

Emma: Hello. I wonder if you could help us with a survey. This is the TV Plus magazine and would you be willing to answer a few questions?
Dougie: Ur… Yeah, I s’pose.
Emma: Which TV channel do you watch most?
Dougie: BBC1.
Emma: OK, what programme would you like to see more of?
Dougie: Byker Grove.
Emma: (Sniggers with me and Abby howling with laughter in the background.) And lastly, do you think people of your age would agree with you?
Dougie: Yeah, probably. Bye.
Emma: Thanks you, bye.

It was so funny! Byker Grove. Honestly. It’s a boring soap opera for kids! [I’m pretty sure I watched it though.]


Abby’s Wednesday 4th Hi. Today was good. We had to get up early today because Mum was working.

I’ve called my hamster Twiglet and he’s got his new cage. He’s asleep now. We were with Emma most of the day and we decided to call Dougie. We got his number from the operator. We rang him twice as difference people. It was fun!

I’m going to watch The Thin Blue Line now on TV.

Bye x

September 1996 - Wrong Conker

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