As long as I don’t have a period – 1st & 2nd September 1996

My Sunday 1st Well, Hayley called again today and we rode up to the garden centre on our bikes. We went to look at the price of hamsters and cages. Mum and Dad said we could have one each if we can afford it. So we’re going to the garden centre again tomorrow.

Abby has now decided that she wants a gerbil instead and either wants to call it Rizzo or Taz. I want to call mine Taz though!

September 1996 - Hamster

We are also going to look at wallpaper for my room.


Abby’s Sunday 1st Hi. Today we went for a bike ride with Hayley. We went to the garden centre to have a look at the hamsters. I’m getting a gerbil tomorrow. I’m going to call it either Rizzo or Taz.

Bye x

My Monday 2nd I’VE GOT A HAMSTER!

We went to the garden centre this morning with Mum and she asked this dozy looking girl behind the counter about the hamsters.

I was going to get a male but they were albinos and I wasn’t very keen on them so I looked at the only female Syrian hamster left and couldn’t resist her!

I have bought a 2 storey cage like this:

September 1996 - Whole cage

September 1996 - Cage 1st floor

September 1996 - Cage 2nd floor

I think that I will call her Tizzy. I don’t know why though.

Abby ended up with a Russian dwarf […hamster] because the gerbils were too young. He hasn’t got a name but he is so small!

Tizzy looks a bit like this:

September 1996 - Tizzy

Hayley came over again today. We didn’t do much though.

I will go to Bolton Water Splash tomorrow with Emma, Abby and Abby’s friend Sadie, as long as I don’t have a period.

My ear infection also seems to be coming back again as well. I hope it doesn’t.


Abby’s Monday 2nd Hi. We went to get the hamsters today. I decided to get a hamster because the gerbils were too little to come away from their mum. He hasn’t got a name yet or a proper cage because he could have got out of the cages that were there so we’ve ordered one for Wednesday.

Bye x

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