Mum flushed it down the toilet – 28th & 29th August 1996

Wednesday 28th I went to Granada Studios in Manchester with Emma today. It was great!

First we had to get the train to Deansgate Station. It was weird because I’ve never done that before without an adult. Neither of us wanted to speak to the ticket man but I kept silent so Emma spoke.

When we arrived at the TV Granada Studios we went on our guided tour. That was the same as last time with some Coronation Street sets, giant room, costumes, make-up, 10 Downing Street, clips, backgrounds, news etc.

Then Emma talked me into going on the Alien Motion Master which was brilliant! In fact, we went on twice. First you’re given the story so far in a small normal cinema, then the doors open into the Motion Master which is seats that move with the screen! It’s so cool because it’s so realistic!

Then we went on UFO Zone which is a slow ride. That was ok but not worth the wait.

We also went to Baker Street and Coronation Street and did most of the shops and stuff.

I have been trying to get a daddy-long-legs out of Abby’s room for the past half hour then Mum flushed it down the toilet. What a waste of time! Bye!

Thursday 29th I’ve been out shopping most of today with Mum and Abby. It was for school mostly. I got a pair of shoes from Saxone. They are similar to my last pair.

August 1996 -  School shoes

I also for loads of stationary from WH Smith.

August 1996 - Stationary

There was this really nice assistant in there. He must’ve been just 16 and just started because he was a bit shaky. I tell you, he only looked 14 years old! He can’t have been.

I also bought a Topsy Twirl thing like this:

[It's a bit ladybarn-ish.]

[It’s a bit ladybarn-esque.]

It does this:

August 1996 - Hair thing 2

And this:

August 1996 - Hair thing



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