I saw the Queen! – 14th–16th August 1996

Wednesday 14th I only saw Alex once this evening, with no friends thank goodness!

Rhian, Abby and I went on a bike ride round the cliffs and down to the rock pools. We saw lots of tiny fish and crabs.

This evening we went to the Portland Arms for a meal. I had macaroni cheese and all sorts of cake and stuff off the sweet trolley!

I went to the bar area with Tom and Minnie to see the accordion player and bagpiper until these Americans appeared and started yelling and singing.

Then we went to Camster Cairns (or ‘Hamster Hairs’ as Minnie calls them) which are burial chambers from over 5000 years ago. I was not going in! Bye!

Thursday 15th Right, we went to the cliffs again twice and the 2nd time, 3 little shits boys were there and were calling us until I gave them a sweet each.

We went to Reiss beach and got freezing and soaked.

Cousin Amy called with little Ashlinn again.

Then we went swimming.

Got to go. Bye! [It was a risky business writing a diary surrounded by a nosey sister and lots of little cousins.]

Friday 16th Gee whizz! [Who says that?! Me, obviously.] This holiday is going too quickly!

I saw the Queen! The Queen Mum, Princess Ann(e), Prince Phil(l)ip and a few other important people when they came to Scrabster Harbour by Thurso on Britannia. We were kept waiting for ages and we were freezing, then we just caught a glimpse!

This evening we went for high tea at Dunnet and it was really good, then we went to the beach. I’m going, I’m tired, believe it or not! [I wonder if there’s a correlation between my level of tiredness and my comma usage… a bit like the link between onset-of-womanhood and exclaiming everything.] Bye!

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