They kept waving to me! – 10th–13th August 1996

Saturday 10th We just travelled and travelled today and I thought the journey would never end. Rhian Travelled in our car with us and Mollie was very good.

The new dining room at Auntie S’s house looks nice and so does Rhian’s now blue and whitish room. Bye!

Sunday 11th We went to Reiss beach today. Rhian got soaked in the sea and so did the rest of us. Mollie just made friends! Boyfriends! Bye!

Monday 12th I woke up quite late this morning and Abby had gone shopping with Mum so Rhian and I went for a cycle to the park and then around the cliff.

Then Rhian, Abby and I went shopping in the town centre. I bought nail varnish, body spray (Cool Cascade) and lip balm and various sweets.

This evening we were going to Reiss beach again but the car wouldn’t start so we had to get the jump leads and Alex’s dad from across the road. Bye!

Tuesday 13th We went to this really nice beach today. It’s not far from the town. It was rocky and sandy, both in patches. It was surrounded by cliffs and only one other family was there.

In the water there were baby jellyfish, ugly bright red sea anenomies anenemies anemonies [still wrong but warmer] and I found a live shark egg (mermaid’s purse) in a rock pool.

This evening when we got back we went to the police station after breaking into the jewellers. [Hilair.] No seriously, we found these binoculars and a British bird book after they fell off someone’s car! The woman behind the desk just took details and if no-one claims them after 3 months then we can have them! [They’d come in well handy now I’d discovered where Dougie lived.]

Also this evening, Rhian, Abby and I went for a bike ride and we were hanging round at Rhian’s friend Clementine’s house. Tom’s friend Joey lives next door but one so Auntie S and Minnie visited his mum.

There were 3 boys playing soccer and wanted to know if we wanted a game! They were Rhian’s age but then boys my age started hanging round too. One was Alex and they kept waving to me! Bye!

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