That BLOODY pool! – 7th–9th August 1996

Wednesday 7th I had to go to Dr Green in Newmilns today. I’ve got an ear infection [the first of many]. I’ve never had one before but the doctor thought it was the swimming. [If only I’d had that period!]

August 1996 - Swimming

He was very nice and shoved this light thing down my ear then asked if it was sore. [That doesn’t sound very nice and yes, YES IT WAS SORE.] I’ve got to go back on Friday for a check-up to see if the drops have worked.

August 1996 - Ear things

Just to add to it, I had my 5th period today! [Too late, period! Could’ve stopped a lifetime of ear infections if you’d only prevented the swimmery the day before.] Great. NOT!

We also went ice skating at the Galleon Centre in Kilmarnock. It was really quiet and really good with 3 young boys who kept showing off! Bye!

August 1996 - Ice skate

Thursday 8th I’m in the comfy single bed! I kept waking up last night because my ears were throbbing. I was so uncomfortable. It was horrible.

I didn’t go to Loudoun Castle Park because I didn’t feel up to it so I just had a quiet afternoon with Mum, Grandma and Mollie.

Uncle G thinks he might have an ear infection too. That BLOODY pool! I’m going now. Bye!

Friday 9th  It’s our last day here at Loudoun Mains today. I’ve liked it here so far but I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more if I didn’t have earache!

Today I went ice skating again only to the Magnum Centre. It was ok but I preferred the other place.

We also went to see ‘Twister’ this afternoon. It’s about stormchasers and some of the special effects were magnificent with the tornadoes etc!

Then I had to go to the doctor’s again. He said I had to carry on with the ear drops and see a doctor again if it persists. See you soon! (Hopefully. I’m optimistic, aren’t I? NOT!) [I probably thought I was going to die of an ear infection.] Bye!

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